Student Loan for University and College Education

Student Loans or Education loan can help you in college or varsity education is not as cheap as last time. There might have students who are paying fees for their study under loads of debts. Once you graduate, they might find it difficult to payback

the payments.

When you are in college or university, it is possible that you would have many choices to take different college loans with different interest rates. From there, you can choose for refinance because you can get a lower interest rate loans.

Tips: Refinancing the student loan can help you lower down the entire cost of your loan.

Mostly, every country’s governments won’t charge the interest on student loans until after they have completed their studies.

Available options

  • PTPTN loan: most of the time it’s very easy to get 100% loan and only started charging interest after six month of graduation.
  • Get your parents or guardian to apply for Personal Loan from banks. Try getting an Islamic loan which have fixed interest rate.
    Tips: Once you started working, repay your loan as fast as possible to get loan rebate
  • For Bumiputera: Approach MARA getting loan or even better scholarship. (3rd floor MARA Building)
  • FAMA (Father & Mother) loan

If still could not find any, try work part time casher or internet marketeers hopefully enough to fund your education.

A friend of mine applied PTPTN loan and they only started charge you interest after six months of graduation. This mean that you enjoy interest free from that time you applied the loan till after six months you leave school – Great!!

Nonetheless, we need to know the student loans benefits or traps in order to help you understand your responsibilities and

avoid financial burden in the future.

Googling for student loan or scholarship and I found a useful list for Pharmacy student. Unlike other popular program such as Engineering and Accounting, pharmacy student facing difficulties in getting student loan or scholarship simply because the number of scholarship provider is very few.

Anyway, try to approach any of these company for scholarship :

- Pfizer Scholarship
- Guardian Pharmacy Scholarship
- Sanofi Winthrop Scholarship
- Glaxo Welcome Scholarship
- Chemical Company of Malaysia (CCM) Scholarship
- Y S & Lin Scholarship
- JC Chemist

Loan Details:

The PTPTN Education Loan Scheme was set up with the aim of providing education loans to students pursuing their studies in local institutions of higher learning (IPT). This loan will enable students to fully or partially pay their fees and their subsistence for the duration of their study in the IPT.

MARA scholarships with a 25 % repayment and MARA study loans with a 100 % repayment. This financial aid has been given out as

a 100 % loan except for loans given out under the Excellent Student Scheme where students can apply to convert their MARA study loans to MARA scholarships based on their examination results.

KOJADI has a total 12 loan schemes under its loan program to cater for a wide spectrum of education courses ranging from vocational and technical to undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

MIED has assisted needy students by providing study loans to pursue their courses and today it has become the leading provider of study loans to members of the Malaysian Indian community seeking such assistance for further education.

A few banks offer purely education loan such as CIMB Bank, UOB & RHB bank.

Have any idea where to get other types of education loan? Appreciate if you can share.

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  2. I would like to get an education loan I’m a 3year student in Russia doing medicine. My father retired and mother housewife

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