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Duit E-mail jana pendapatan

Ni apa saya dapat dari forum. Ramai yang mengatakan benda ni SCAM!!. Tapi untuk sesiapa yang hanya ingin baca silakan.


salam, ralit dok main tenet terjumpa satu laman web ala2 bace emel n dpt duit… dulu ,tak layan jenis cenggini sebab dia bg point n tak leh tukar point ke bentuk duit…just beli barang online je…
tapi yg nih ada skit kelainan, dia bleh transfer duit ganjaran tu ke akaun paypal, n for sure dari paypal leh transfer ke duit yang betul2…
mmm, ape kata kite pakat2 cuba tgk menda nih, kalau menjadi…leh la buat duit poket, tadek la leh jadi main income.. cuma mungkin leh top up duit beli minyak, hehe..
sambil2 buka emel, sambil2 wat duit…syok jga nih
untuk regist plak dia siap kasik $10 lagi, jadi…jgn lepaskan peluang ini utk mencuba…

nih ade serba sikit maklumat camne dia kasik duit, mmg nmpak sikit ..tp dah nama pon percuma, just baca emel.. dapat skit2 pon stil duit kan? nak dpt bnyk2 kena mula dari sikit2 jga kan?

Know How It Works:
1. Get paid $0.02 for reading and visiting our advertiser's messages send to you and get paid $0.01 from your referrals reading their messages.
2. To get paid for each email, you must click on the 'Validation Link' at the bottom of each message send to you.
3. You will receive messages via 'Regular Email' and in your 'Internal Mail Box'.
4. Look for regular email messages from us in your email account. You are set to receive messages from Hits4Pay at *****@*****.com .
5. The same

messages that you receive in your regular email account can be read from your 'Internal Mail Box'.
6. You will only get credit for reading messages once. If you read advertiser messages from your regular mail box, you will not get credit for the same message from your 'Internal Mail Box'.
7. Checks are sent out 10 to 15 days after payments are cleared (zeroed out).
8 .Subscriber commissions shall be paid by company check. Checks are distributed monthly when members reach the minimum of $25.00. Any account that has reached the minimum payout of $25.00 or more will be zeroed out on the 1st of every month.
9.Accounts that does not meet the minimum payout requirement will be rolled over to the next month respectively. ONLY ACCOUNTS THAT HAVE REACHED $25.00 OR MORE ARE ZEROED OUT ON THE 1st OF EVERY MONTH. (There is a $2.00 check fee when a check is sent.)
10.Commissions earned that are less than minimum required will be carried over into the next month.

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Duitmoney : Terpulang kepada yang ingin mulakan usaha baca email nih, dari segi bisnes dan cara dia mendapatkan wang adalah amat samar. So please beware.

Duitmoney Indicator: RISK is low, but credibility of the program very unlikely.

Anyone who has tried the program, what's your comment?

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4 Responses to “Duit E-mail jana pendapatan”

  1. A friend of mine used to do this stuff, until now still cannot redeem the cash. PENDING…..

  2. no wonder the program does not survive.

  3. The man of virtue makes the difficulty to be overcome his first business, and success only a subsequent consideration.

  4. you mean paid to click? not many website that true paying anyway.Many ppl being scam

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